New Year, New Site..

For me 2019 had been such a good year, plenty of subjects to photograph.. The trips were the highlights, White Horses in the Camargue, Red Squirrels in Dales, even a trip to Tangiers, certainly a busy year, which I will go over in the coming weeks.

So.. What does 2020 hold.. Firstly I thought it was time to revamp the site and get back to regular updates. I will go back over some of the old posts from the previous site. So far for 2020, well I have a number of trips planned, mainly nature, but with the first trip of 2020 out the way, blog to follow shortly. And what a way to start, a trip around Iceland, it was great to go back….

I’m also off to Rome in March, to collect two awards from the FEP European Photographer of the Year 2020… More info to follow soon..

Keep an eye on the site, regular blogs to follow… Thanks Colin




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