Well we could start this from the time I was born… but that would be of no interest, so lets cut to the last ten years…

IMX100 (4)For the last eight years I’ve had the fun, excitement & pleasure of working as an Event Photographer running ImageMX Photography. I specialise in shooting & selling Motocross images & prints onsite to the riders & family. I run a fully mobile setup using a mini coach we converted to show riders their images, I’m sure I will blog about that very soon.. One thing I noticed very early on into my motocross photography, is that my images were similar to everyone elses. Luckily, in my first year I came across some sports images using Off Camera Flash (OCF) & that was it, I was sold… Now, well I can’t think of anything I have shot without lighting..

But this Blog is more about my pet projects & challenges, you know, them weird IMX002images you get in your mind, now how do you make them? And that’s the challenge for me.

Ok, it might just be me that gets the funny images.. A lot of my pet projects are places I have been too, sports or subjects that I want to shot, but with a slight difference… Lit.

The posts will be about projects & work, please feel free to browse the site & ask any questions. Thanks for looking….

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