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July 01

ImageMX… The Movie…

Yes its…the things I get myself into… Early this year I was introduced to a great guy, Yang, when I purchased a set of his strobes.. I’m sure you can guess which ones.. Yes the Pixapro Citi 600’s. After nine years of working with lighting, I had always dreamt of a studio style strobe […]

March 27

New Puppies… Pixapro Citi 600’s

Last week I managed to get to the last day of the photography show at the NEC in Coventry.  I always go the last day as it’s a great chance for me to catch up with all those friends & acquaintances that are working on the stands. The last day seems a bit more relaxed, so a […]

October 06

My Passion for Light… Why?

Well this is my first post… So I feel I should explain the basics, not of Light, but why I like using it so much… Every image needs light & shadows, the difference when lighting is used for me, is that I have the control over nearly every aspect of my image. Lighting can be […]