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June 25

Equestrian.. That’s Something New..

Well I do like a challenge. It’s like a puzzle, how can I light it? What pattern of lighting would work? How the hell do you not freak a horse out? I’m not a horsey person, but it’s always been something I’ve wanted to shot, but of course a little different. So of course, light […]

June 24

Poppies… A couple of Citi 600’s..

  Over the last month I’ve been noticing, it’s poppy time, few springing up here & there.. I do like poppies, the colour & the beauty of them when seen in mass, I think one thing with poppies, are they evoke emotion, well for me, all those soles… So I felt it was time to […]

March 27

New Puppies… Pixapro Citi 600’s

Last week I managed to get to the last day of the photography show at the NEC in Coventry.  I always go the last day as it’s a great chance for me to catch up with all those friends & acquaintances that are working on the stands. The last day seems a bit more relaxed, so a […]

March 18

Iceland… A Photographer’s Paradise..

Wow, what a country, I recently had the pleasure to spend seven days roaming the south & west coast of this amazing place with my wife, Lizzy. Now I’m not renowned for my landscape shooting, in fact it’s not a I thing I normally go for, but here you soon become a convert. Armed with […]

November 02

It’s Still Two Wheels…

I know it two wheels, but it’s not my normal wheels… This year I had a couple of shoots with BMX riders, the first was a bunch of lads who had just finished shooting a documentary. Working with sports like these, you’ve got to be quick, so setup quick, get to your position quick & […]

October 22

Building a Scene…

If you go down to the woods today… you might find some weirdo with a load of lighting.. No seriously, welcome to my local woods, I walk my dogs here each morning. It is most probably one of those places we all have, we walk past it every day & hardly ever take in the […]

October 19

Bikes, Cars and Lighting…

Recently I was invited to cover a car meet, pretty cool, bright colours, sweet looking cars and at night. So as with most things I cover, if I’m unsure, then do some testing. The idea I came up with in the end was to have a drive through studio, get client to park car in […]