November 19

It’s Official… I Have Left My Mark…

Yes it has happened, I have left my mark on the world…lol… well it’s a start..

As some will know I have been getting ready for my ABIPP Assessment, for the last eighteen months I have been writing up all my information to go with my final images. Well as ever, I went way over the top, in the end I decided to layout the image, with all the info on the facing page including lighting diagrams, explanations on my approach to covering the subject or project.

After all this work it seemed a shame just to put it on a hard drive for ever more…. Myself, I do buy quite a few lighting books, I feel I will always get I idea of doing something a little different. I still go on a few workshops a year, one tip can add a new twist to my photography or my processing.

So after writing a lot more information, the book now covers over 30 different scenarios, covering both my main work, motocross but also a lot of the pet projects I have covered over the years. My approach and reason to each subject is explained, also my lighting setups. Making it easy to try the projects yourself, with projects from portraits, nature, sports, equestrian..

The book is now available through Amazon both in paperback & ebook…