Equestrian.. That’s Something New..

IMX-5Well I do like a challenge. It’s like a puzzle, how can I light it? What pattern of lighting would work? How the hell do you not freak a horse out? I’m not a horsey person, but it’s always been something I’ve wanted to shot, but of course a little different. So of course, light the buggers, so after an invite from the owner, Chris, I was off to a local stables armed with a couple of Pixapro Citi 600’s..

So with a totally different shoot to pull off, I was ready for this. First of all the gear, camera side pretty basic. Lighting, during the shoot I used a mixture of 1 & 2 strobes, main light fitted with a 120cm Octobox & the other mounted with a 60cm Collapsable Softbox..

Poppy007.JPGNow the Horses.. Well, me & horses, we have always kept our distance, I’ve been on them, but never felt in control, especially when one ran off in any direction with me attached. That was my last encounter. So with advice from Chris, we introduced Rio & Flossy to the lighting slowly, first at a distance, with the odd flash. Slowly bringing them a little closer each pass. In the end we were able to guide the girls in to position & their concentration was kept with the use of vegetable slices.

So a few different locations around the stables, few lighting patterns, great skies, we soon had captured  some stunning images. All in all, a little patience & advice from the expert horsey person & we soon had some stunning shots, quick & easy setups using a couple of Pixapro Citi 600’s & the shoot was done.. Huge thanks to Chris, Rio & Flossy..




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