June 24

Poppies… A couple of Citi 600’s..



Over the last month I’ve been noticing, it’s poppy time, few springing up here & there.. I do like poppies, the colour & the beauty of them when seen in mass, I think one thing with poppies, are they evoke emotion, well for me, all those soles…

So I felt it was time to have a go at another set of landscapes, one of my weaker subjects..Poppy002 But it always good to practise.. So a quick post on Facebook & many friends had various location, but one told me of a hill covered in Poppies… Utopia…

So armed with my normal gear, tripod, trolley, I don’t need the exercise, I get enough… Camera, 2 x Pixapro Citi 600’s & a couple of Yougnou 600EX, not forgetting the 60cm collaspable beauty dishes from Pixapro, great for these kind of shoots. I’ve just received the 90cm Umbrella Softbox, an excellent piece of kit, folding away in a moment… Back to gear, not forgetting a standard bit of kit these days, a decorators pole & a stig, Val 1420, this is a neat bit of kit, fits everything, holds lights, you need one..

So, off I went , 30 mins later I turn the corner to see the hilly field of Poppies, oh yey.. See all parked up, gear is all on trolley, then off through deep wet grass to get to the field. As Poppy003you can see in the shots, normal summer conditions, great stormy clouds & heavy showers every 10 mins… Summertime..

Set up was as shown in the photo, 2 x Pixapro Citi 600’s mounted with the 60cm Beauty dishes, with Yougnou 600’s used on the pole to highlight certain areas.

Poppy005So the aim of the shot was to underexpose the ambient, darkening down the background & sky. Then using the lights to bring out patches of red. With the Yougnou Trigger on the back of the Pixapro Trigger, this allowed me extra light in some areas, adding to that the Radio Camera Trigger, I was able to move around freely with the speedlites.

For me this was just one of those thoughts that pop up from time to time, well I do have a fair few, it’s just if I get time to carry them all out. It’s always nice to get a project done, Poppy004during the evening I used a mixture of one directional lighting & a slight clamshell. I tried many compositions, lighting patterns, even modifiers were altered. That’s one of the great things with a softbox, same with the collapsible softboxes, beauty dish & a few seconds more, add a grid & you have so many lighting ideas.. I was lucky with the sky, some great rolling rain clouds added so much to the image..

So… The best bit, your home, card in hand, did I get an epic shot? We are all chasing that one image, the one we never reach. I loved doing this shoot, great to play with different lighting systems together, excellent location, lovely bit of sky… Images that will always make me smile….