It’s Still Two Wheels…

01 Night Rider Colin BristerI know it two wheels, but it’s not my normal wheels… This year I had a couple of shoots with BMX riders, the first was a bunch of lads who had just finished shooting a documentary. Working with sports like these, you’ve got to be quick, so setup quick, get to your position quick & grab as many as you can before they tire or move on.. For this shoot I went with my very reliable Canon Speedlites attached to Pocket Wizard Flex TT triggers, for this kind of work they are the best. Here I went for a sandwich lighting.. What? I here you ask, you might call it Clamshell, basically two lights, one placed each side. A common Sportraiture lighting setup, light each side, shadow down centre of body or face, the further you move the lighting to the back, the more you increase the shadows, BMX increasing the grunge factor…. Love a grungy look..

Great shooting indoors, but I do love a sunset… So next up was definitely a future star. Louis Hale, first met him on a Motocross bike with his dad, both good MXer’s, but it seems Louis had a hidden talent. So I was invited to join them at an outside park, so keeping one eye on the weather & with a new Speedlite BMX - Colin Bristersystem to try out, it was looking to be a good shoot.. Again I setup of two lights were used, on stands so pretty quick to move & setup. This time I was using a new Godox V860 Speedlite system, triggered using their own system, this did allow me to adjust the lights from camera but did restricted shooting to the sync speed of the camera. These can be fired off camera as HSS, most triggers are able to do these days, I personally useBMX - Colin Brister Cells II, but there’s loads…

Cracking shoot, even the sunset came up trumps, so two hours of shooting all the way past sunset, shooting portraits while resting & some great tricks by the lad…. A good evening’s shooting..

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