Bikes, Cars and Lighting…

Car & Bike Shoot - Colin BristerRecently I was invited to cover a car meet, pretty cool, bright colours, sweet looking cars and at night. So as with most things I cover, if I’m unsure, then do some testing. The idea I came up with in the end was to have a drive through studio, get client to park car in one position, jump out, get in their position, few shots… next…

As a test I decided to invited a few friends down with their cars.. found a backdrop Car & Bike Shoot - Colin Bristerfor the shot, set the lighting.. Lighting was set as the image, 2 x portable heads using 135cm Octoboxes to cover the car & throw a slight pool of light on the backdrop & 2 speedlites with Stripboxes on the owner. this allowed me a tighter more controlled light on the owner, the stripboxes were fitted with grids to keep it even tighter.

Car & Bike Shoot - Colin BristerHere I’ve used what most will call clamshell, in my world its sandwich lighting. Placing lighting either side of the subject, lighting each side & creating a shadowed area down the centre of the subject. Lighting isn’t always about lighting the subject, creating shadows, adding texture, bring out ripples in clothing or metal on bikes. These for me are the little things that make an image.

Car & Bike Shoot - Colin BristerSo the testing went well & it was time to try the real thing…

A few from the evening….

Car & Bike Shoot - Colin Brister

Car & Bike Shoot - Colin Brister

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