Lizzy and Daisy’s

Lizzy & Daisy FieldI would like you to meet Lizzy, my resident model or in other words, my wife… She’s great to bounce ideas off & sometimes volunteers to model for me if I have an idea for a shot. Well, maybe volunteer is a little strong, 2 hours of pleading, a new outfit & plenty of grovelling, marriage is a balance…

Back to photography, so where did the idea come from for this shoot? After a week driving past this field every day, with it in full bloom, I had to try something. I Lizzy & Daisy Fieldworked out where the sun would fall, so picked a decent evening & set off.

The set up for these shots, we used two Godox portable heads, one fitted with a 120cm Octobox (Octagonal Softbox)with a grid fitted. I use grids a lot, maybe its my style, I do like to shoot things a little bit darker, grungier feel, I like to have light on the areas I want the person to view & darken other parts. Grids keep the light tight, you want get lots of spill, for me with this shot, I wanted to have the sunset, light Lizzy Lizzy & Daisy Fieldand have the light fading on the daisies as you move away from the subject. The other head was fitted with a 60cm Softbox just to light the right side of Liz & some of the rim. With the Octobox covering the main lighting of the subject, The lights were set opposite to each other at around 70 degrees from the camera, similar to clamshell lighting, or what I call sandwich lighting.

Just one thing, I’m not a gardener, I’m sure someone will let me know these are notLizzy & Daisy Field daisies, but they look like daisies & that’s good enough. Below are a few variations from the shot… Thanks for looking.


Lizzy & Daisy Field

Lizzy & Daisy Field

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