Hatfield War Cemetery.

Hatfield War Cemetery.I have to admit I did enjoy shooting my last landscape, Pitstone Windmill, I felt I wanted another subject, but this time at sunrise, this time of year there’s some cracking skies if your lucky… I then remembered a local War Ceretery I’d shot when I was a kid, armed with a Zenit-E & my dad’s advice. Didn’t do too bad, dad developed them for me as always and I had done ok. How I wish I had them shots now, you just don’t think of that when your 12…

So a trip back in time and a sunrise to capture, so a quick visit a few days beforeHatfield War Cemetery. brought back a few memories, what an amazing place, humbling, it’s make you thinks what the brave souls did for all of us.. I wanted to do this place justice, whenever I think of a project I always have loads of images bouncing around in my mind. This time it had to be gentle, as I have said in previous posts, in an image I shot a little under-exposed & use the lights o bring out the parts I want the viewer to see. Here the approach was no different,

The cross was lit using a Godox head fitted with a 150cm Octobox, without grid, a little softer this way, set 90 degrees to the camera. Fir the Grave Stones I use three Godoxx V860 Speedlite, one on the left & the right, firing across the front of the graves. Now this lit the stones at each end, with the lit fading in the middle, for this Hatfield War Cemetery.I placed the third Speedlite on the back of the cross aimed at the middle section of Grave Stones. All the images are variations of this setup, one thing that was added in some of the images was another Godox Head to light the tree behind the cross, a soft light was aimed up as the tree just to gently highlight leaves & added a texture behind the cross rather then the harsh shadow. So after a few shots to get the balance right between the sky, cross & stones, the items I want you to view, the rest just links it all together..

Hatfield War Cemetery.The grave shots were very simple, for these I wanted to shadow the lettering for it to show depth & texture. For this I used a single Godox head fitted with a 120cm Octobox. I have to admit, I was a little lucky to have those roses there… Sometimes you just have a good day…

For me, it was a great challenge to do,Hatfield War Cemetery. it’s great to come up with images, but then to create them is another thing. This time I feel I did it justice.

A selection of shots from the shoot..

Thanks for looking.

Hatfield War Cemetery.

Hatfield War Cemetery.

Hatfield War Cemetery.

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