The Job…

Now, I will try not too use my main work to much in the posts, but it can throw up some great examples of lighting…

So as most of you know I work as an event photographer, Motocross - Colin Bristerit’s a great job, except the 4a.m. starts. I get to travel the country, see some cracking sunrises, photograph some great riding and work for some great people. I specialize in photographing Motocross or MX, I shoot & sell my images onsite all from a converted mini coach.

So why use lighting to shoot Motocross? Maybe it suits my style, I do shoot a little grungy, it suits Motocross. Maybe I feel it adds to an image, even in harsh sun you can bling up any metal work, cut through goggles to see riders eyes, even change day to night all done with my camera settings and lighting. In winter it enables me to carry on shooting throughout the low light, to add drama, textures, detail to an image.

A few examples…

Motocross - Colin BristerIn winter it allows me to shoot even on the darkest days & using one directional light enables me to capture stunning grungy images. Light for me adds texture to the track while lighting the subject.

Motocross - Colin BristerAt dusk it can create stunning images, with no restrictions on how creative you can be, a simple light  setup shot at 1/40th freezes the rider & bike, while keeping movement in the background. For me the best point are the eyes..

Fenland Sunset - Colin BristerIn summer, lighting can be used as a fill flash, here the under side of the bike would be a large shadow, with lighting fired underneath the bike it opens up the detail & boosts the colours.

Or even just to highlight the subject in a landscape….

So I hope that has helped you to understand some of the reasons for lighting… more to follow soon.

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