My Passion for Light… Why?

Well this is my first post… So I feel I should explain the basics, not of Light, but why I like using it so much…

Every image needs light & shadows, the difference when lighting is used for me, is that I have the control over nearly every aspect of my image. Lighting can be used to boost colours, increase textures, control shadows, infact the list is endless. A lot I hope to cover in time, using my pet projects & posts to demonstrate…

How did it start? Well, it’s kind of one off those funny tales, after a couple of yearsFenland Sunset - Colin Brister shooting I was desperate to find something a little different. To make me stand out from all the other event photographers. Now this is where I have to thank the wife..

A wet weekend, so the tracks are closed, my wife has a brilliant idea “Let’s go shopping, we never go shopping together”, now ladies, there’s a reason for that… So like a sulking child I followed her around ladies shops, luckily she realised I was going to blow. So took me off to WHSmith, left me in the magazine aisle to relax & gather myself (always a good thing to do when hubby has had enough of skirts, shoes & blouses)… Well that was the moment, standing in the sports section it hit me, all the covers were lit images… IMX953Eureka, all the images my customers are viewing, wether it’s advertising, facebook, magazines, they were all high contrast, highly lit images… So now I just needed to figure out how to give this images to around 150-200 riders an event & that’s what I have been working on the last eight years.

In fact I became so obsessed that now all Baby - Colion Bristermy photography is now lit, in one way or another, whatever I shot.. Babies to landscapes, I’ve got to do it my way..

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