November 19

It’s Official… I Have Left My Mark…

Yes it has happened, I have left my mark on the world…lol… well it’s a start.. As some will know I have been getting ready for my ABIPP Assessment, for the last eighteen months I have been writing up all my information to go with my final images. Well as ever, I went way over […]

February 12


This is one of those shoots I love to do, you get a message, asking if you would be able to do some promo shots for two dancers. Now dance was on my list to shoot at some stage, after seeing hundreds of beautiful ballet and dance images over the years it was one to […]

February 05

2017 Motocross & Lighting Training Day…

MX Photography & Off Camera Flash Training – 23rd August 2017….. Book Early, Limited Spaces…. Well it is now our sixth year of offering training days & here’s your chance to learn how to shoot one of the most exciting motorsports close up… MX & how to use Off Camera Flash to make your shots of MX & any other […]

November 06

Nature… Even that needs light..

Now we are at the end of my race season, it’s time to start planning all those pet projects that have been bouncing around in my head all year. Winter gives me that chance, so time to figure out what, the location & of course how I want to light. The easiest projects are the […]

July 01

ImageMX… The Movie…

Yes its…the things I get myself into… Early this year I was introduced to a great guy, Yang, when I purchased a set of his strobes.. I’m sure you can guess which ones.. Yes the Pixapro Citi 600’s. After nine years of working with lighting, I had always dreamt of a studio style strobe […]

June 29

A Shoot With Friends…

I have met some great people in this industry & made some good friends.. Well it good to meet up from time to time, so I always look out for their workshops. Always a pleasure to shoot with friends, a little banter, sharing advice & trying out ideas.. And this one was no different, two of […]

June 25

Equestrian.. That’s Something New..

Well I do like a challenge. It’s like a puzzle, how can I light it? What pattern of lighting would work? How the hell do you not freak a horse out? I’m not a horsey person, but it’s always been something I’ve wanted to shot, but of course a little different. So of course, light […]